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Rasheem Riley was born and raised in New York of Jamaican descent. 

At the age of 18, Rasheem Riley decided to extend his studies in Fashion Design and Merchandising by traveling abroad to Europe where he studied at American College of London and eventually ended up finishing his studies at Parson in Paris, France.


It was in Paris, when Rasheem Riley started the CATHARI fashion group where he established his first menswear line and presented it at SEHM in Paris, which had great reviews. 

On his return back to the states, Rasheem Riley started his internship with Heidi Weisel and then eventually working along Jackie Rogers in New York.

At present, with 25 years within the fashion industry and with the collaborations of other artistic minds like his own. Rasheem Riley has created a luxury fashion brand with sophistication, inspired by impeccable craftsmanship and beauty for all women. 

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